Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vocal and beat in a beautiful composition.

The next song is an old, and well known among trance addicted people, and its deserved its place in TopMusicBoard. This  is a remix, actually from Jonas Hornblad.

The singer, Aruna appeared in 2007, when a song from Thrillseeker’s "Waiting Here For You" came out.
By the way, we mentioned The Thrillseekers in  this blog once.
From Aruna's facebook profile we can read the following:
It all started back in 2007 after lending her talents to the Thrillseeker’s acclaimed hit ‘Waiting Here For You’, the essential offering that made the young vocalist's name amongst her EDM peers. Courtesy of a tremendous push from the British trance legend, the first sting had been made and producers across the globe were desperate to have Aruna marry her unique vocals to their own work.

Then she made projects  with  various people like ATB, or the famous Myon&Shane54 duo.
Reading her biography we can say she has a bright future in vocal trance.

Just a remark: I'm intend to make some  future posts about Shane54, because he is one of my favourite, and he made some top mixes, so he deserves a place  here, too.

..and here is the remix from Jonas Hornblad
(Double Agents feat Aruna - Electrified)