Tuesday, September 20, 2011

King of Bongo - 1

Everyone knows Manu Chao's classic Bongo Bong. Well, this song has a long history.
This song existed before, and it has got other versions, but it became widespread until Manu Chao's first album, Clandestino.

Manu Chao
Manu Chao is a French singer. He is very unique in a way that he sings in a lots of languages. Well, for example didn't know he was singing in Arabic language, but we can read this info from Wikipedia:
He sings in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician, Arabic and Portuguese and occasionally in other languages.
Though Chao is  well known in Europe and Latin America, he has not had the same success in the English-speaking world. Tours in the USA with his band were not as successful as elsewhere. It seems Chao  focuses his efforts in the places where his musical style finds its roots.

He is a very active singer nowdays, too.

Because this song has a lots of remakes I'll show you these in two parts. In this first part, you will hear a remake from Robbie Williams. This was made in 2007 (with Lily Allen). This song landed on a really nice place in the top charts, maybe because Robbie made some short films to popularize his album.

So heres the song:
Robbie Williams - Bongo Bong
(This is a fan video, not official)


  1. not enough autotune for current american music taste. lol just kidding I liked it!

  2. I prefer the Robbie Williams version best.