Monday, September 26, 2011

King of Bongo - 2

In the last part I tried to show the history of this famous song called "King of Bongo" (you can find the link for the first part here). I wrote that this song has a long story. It has its roots from a 1939 recording of "King of the Bongo Bong" by the trumpeter Roy Eldridge. You can find this old recording here.
It also uses the background music from a Black Uhuru's song from their "Anthem" album.

The music has been reused for other songs such as "Mr. Bobby" which was originally released in a stripped-down form without any wind instruments on the "Bongo Bong" single in 1998.

We can read this info from Wikipedia (source
"Mr. Bobby" is the last single from Manu Chao's second album, Próxima Estación: Esperanza. Originally, the song was released in a stripped-down form without any wind instruments on the "Bongo Bong" single in 1998. 

The song, which is a tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley, had success in European countries such as Spain, Italy and Switzerland.


Of course this song continues its "career" because we can see lots remixes of this song nowdays, too .There are different styles such of DnB, or other reggae remixes. The following remix has a very nice intro:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

King of Bongo - 1

Everyone knows Manu Chao's classic Bongo Bong. Well, this song has a long history.
This song existed before, and it has got other versions, but it became widespread until Manu Chao's first album, Clandestino.

Manu Chao
Manu Chao is a French singer. He is very unique in a way that he sings in a lots of languages. Well, for example didn't know he was singing in Arabic language, but we can read this info from Wikipedia:
He sings in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician, Arabic and Portuguese and occasionally in other languages.
Though Chao is  well known in Europe and Latin America, he has not had the same success in the English-speaking world. Tours in the USA with his band were not as successful as elsewhere. It seems Chao  focuses his efforts in the places where his musical style finds its roots.

He is a very active singer nowdays, too.

Because this song has a lots of remakes I'll show you these in two parts. In this first part, you will hear a remake from Robbie Williams. This was made in 2007 (with Lily Allen). This song landed on a really nice place in the top charts, maybe because Robbie made some short films to popularize his album.

So heres the song:
Robbie Williams - Bongo Bong
(This is a fan video, not official)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vocal and beat in a beautiful composition.

The next song is an old, and well known among trance addicted people, and its deserved its place in TopMusicBoard. This  is a remix, actually from Jonas Hornblad.

The singer, Aruna appeared in 2007, when a song from Thrillseeker’s "Waiting Here For You" came out.
By the way, we mentioned The Thrillseekers in  this blog once.
From Aruna's facebook profile we can read the following:
It all started back in 2007 after lending her talents to the Thrillseeker’s acclaimed hit ‘Waiting Here For You’, the essential offering that made the young vocalist's name amongst her EDM peers. Courtesy of a tremendous push from the British trance legend, the first sting had been made and producers across the globe were desperate to have Aruna marry her unique vocals to their own work.

Then she made projects  with  various people like ATB, or the famous Myon&Shane54 duo.
Reading her biography we can say she has a bright future in vocal trance.

Just a remark: I'm intend to make some  future posts about Shane54, because he is one of my favourite, and he made some top mixes, so he deserves a place  here, too.

..and here is the remix from Jonas Hornblad
(Double Agents feat Aruna - Electrified)

1960's Velvet Underground

Okay, in this blog I showed almost just trance and house music, until now. Of course lots of music out there which were reached the top of the charts, but  lots of people haven't really heard them.  The intention of TopMusicBoard is  to show these "top, but haven't heard songs". These songs are not very popular because new trends like Justin Bieber and others taking over the market, and the younger generation don't really listening to good oldies. So I'm sad, because these songs deserve more.

So our next is a Velvet Underground's masterpiece.

The band  (Velvet Underground) formed in New York at the begginig of the 60's. One of its members was Lou Reed.
(I think lots of you knows his other songs like Perfect Day.)
 This band has a really long story, you can read interesting infos from Wikipedia, like
Although experiencing little commercial success while together, the band is often cited by many critics as one of the most important and influential groups of the 1960s. As Brian Eno put it, "The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band."

As I said the next song is a masterpiece, it became very popular after it's release. Written by
Lou Reed, in the early stages of  Velvet Underground.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Thrillseekers remix - Calling your name

When I am say The Thrillseekers, I hope a many of you knows who they are.
This post is a remix by them - actually my personal favourite from the Thrillseekers-
The vocal and the bass in a perfect harmony...

And just an interesting info from Wikipedia:

Helstrip is also a DJ, who has performed at The Ministry, Gallery... Just twelve months after he first put needle to vinyl, he found himself invited to play at Paul van Dyk's birthday party. 2004 saw The Thrillseekers crack DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs chart for the first time.