Friday, September 9, 2011

The Thrillseekers remix - Calling your name

When I am say The Thrillseekers, I hope a many of you knows who they are.
This post is a remix by them - actually my personal favourite from the Thrillseekers-
The vocal and the bass in a perfect harmony...

And just an interesting info from Wikipedia:

Helstrip is also a DJ, who has performed at The Ministry, Gallery... Just twelve months after he first put needle to vinyl, he found himself invited to play at Paul van Dyk's birthday party. 2004 saw The Thrillseekers crack DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs chart for the first time.


  1. Not going to lie, I've never heard of these guys before. But damn I've been missing out. Awesome song buddy.

  2. Cool, reminds me of summer nights out when i was 18! :D