Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kelly Rowland and a Freemasons remix

In the latest post I wrote that  sometimes a remix is better than the original song. Here I will show a remix which is not just better then the original, but lots of people never even heard the original.

The original song "Work" by Kelly Rowland was leaked on May 31, 2007 onto the internet. This original song didn't have critics, and reached a good place on the charts in the US and some other countries, though the Freemasons team felt that they can improve this song further.
So in  2007, The Freemasons started to work with Kelly Rowland, to produce the remix for the non-American markets.
Not to say, Freemasons made an excellent work:

Whats interesting is if we look at the views counter at Youtube, this 'arabic' style remix got like ten times more views than the original song. You can find the original here.


Freemasons are a British dance band.
Their name is taken from the Brighton pub which they frequently visit.

According to Wikipedia
The duo also record and remix under the similar sounding "Freemaison" name, which is also the name of their record label that was founded in 2005.
The band is founded in 2005 and they are currently active as well, for our pleasure :)

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  1. I love this. I like the original quite a lot so this is awesome to hear as well man, I love this.