Thursday, March 24, 2011

Axwell remix and the Soulsearcher

The Soulsearcher "project" was started in England. They released two albums:

  • The first name was "Can't get enough". It was a big hit. In 1999 they scored a #8 place in the UK Singles Chart. 

Soulsercher album

  • The second one is "Do It To Me Again" , which reached a 32. position in the UKChart
The original song was sampled from a 1978 song, named "Let's Lovedance Tonight". You can listen it here.

This from Axwell is a remix which I think one of the best remixes of this song.

A short interview with Axwell from Faux (you can read the whole here).

Charles Darbyshire caught up with a third of the Swedish House Mafia, superstar DJ Axwell, to discuss his music, his latest single ‘Nothing But Love’, the current kit in his DJ booth & of course… ‘sexy parties’ in Ibiza.

For those of us who might know nothing about you Axwell, how would you describe your role within the global dance project. What makes you Axwell?
I’ve been one of the guys responsible for uplifting energetic vibes over the last 8 years, doing a lot of remixes and a lot of my own tracks such as ‘I’ve Found You’, ‘Kill The Vibe’ and ‘Watch The Sunrise’. Basically trying to create my own vibe in house music over the last couple of years.

And here is the song (best for summer :D )
I think it's better than the origial song, because this remix is much more 'energetic', but its possible its just my opinion..
Anywayz, enjoy !

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  1. I don't know where to begin with correcting you on this. Soulsearcher is Marc Pomeroy, who is American. Where you get England from, I have no idea. Secondly, they (being he) didn't release any albums, but as you're referring to singles, it's worth noting that I can remember at least 4 Soulsearcher singles that were released, not just the two you mention. Also, that "Axwell Remix" isn't a remix of Soulsearcher, it's a cover version with the vocal being resung.